Alamance Farmers’ Collaborative

 As a Collaborative, these farmers serve restaurants and stores in the Triangle area with high-quality, fresh, sustainably grown produce. Two days prior to delivery, twice each week, availability lists are sent out with the farmers’ produce availability. Customers choose desired products and amounts on a first come, first serve basis. Harvested produce is picked and chilled less than twenty-four hours ahead of delivery in order to extend shelf life. TerraStay Farm manages orders, delivery and billing, providing ease of vendor management.

T-5 Farm

Farmer: Randy Thompson and Family

T-5 is a small family farm dedicated to producing homegrown chicken, beef, pork, eggs, fruits and vegetables to provide the community with healthy alternatives to commercially-raised products. We use no chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides as part of our implementation of sustainable practices, though we are no certified “organic.” T-5’s pasture-raised chickens are grown without hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products. The entire family is active in all aspects of production, sales and marketing through involvement in local Farmer’s Markets, direct sales, and restaurants.

Peaceful River Farm

Famer: Lee and Larry Newlin

Lee is a culinary educator, and Larry grows sustainable produce and fruit. What Lee loves most is creating and sharing delicious meals from foods grown on their farm that enhance health and fight disease. The Newlins grow beautiful, sustainably grown produce including vegetables, berries, herbs, and edible flowers. These foods kick-start many of Lee’s creative and healthful recipes and events. Larry’s thirty years in horticulture provide a foundation for sustainably growing fruits and vegetables.

Boy Wood Farm

Farmer: Matt Ballard

Boy Wood Farm is a diversified farm located in Snow Camp. They produce non-certified organic vegetables on an acre of land during all four seasons.  Boy Wood uses sustainable farming methods to build soil health and nutrient-dense produce. Additionally, they raise hogs on pasture and woodlots.

Ran-Lew Dairy Company

Farmer: Randy Lewis

Our milk remains wholesome and natural using low-temperature pasteurization which preserves naturally-occurring nutrients and enzymes while killing pathogenic bacteria. It’s also non-homogenized—the cream rises to the top after time sitting—and contains no antibiotics. Our cows are pastured on grass and fed GMO-free feed without hormones. We bottle whole, low-fat, chocolate milk, and buttermilk in gallon, half-gallon and pint containers right on the farm.

TerraStay Farm

Famer: Matt Newlin

TerraStay Farm is an 3-acre diversified operation concentrating on restaurant sales. They specialize in season extension and off-season production utilizing three state-of-the art high tunnels combined with bio-intensive field plots. TerraStay focuses on sustainable agricultural practices as they pursue organic certification, develop healthy soils, and give TLC to plants. Key products include several varieties of kales, collards, tomatoes, eggplant, arugula, spinach, salad greens, sweet potatoes, summer and winter squash and root vegetables among other specialty crops.