We got our first bell peppers in mid June and our first tomatoes in early July.  We have gotten in the rhythm of determining what we can harvest for the week, sending out the produce list, managing the orders from our customers, delivering the produce and invoicing through Quickbooks.  The high tunnel production has been doing pretty well.  We have gotten many complements on our peppers.  We have had some soil balance issues and so the tomato production was up then down and we hope will be back up soon.  We have had a steady supply of eggplant and we can push out 10lbs or more a week of basil.

Our field production has been really challenged by the years of grass in the field, Bermuda and Johnson grass.  The advice from Steve Moore is that we need to actively till the field grass in, over and over and over.  Mike has bought a personal tractor so I think he is going to enjoy the therapy of discing the fields.  We put down nylon cloth in the high tunnel and it has greatly keep the grass, weed problem in hand.

IMG_2727We have started construction of the second and third high tunnels.  We have the arches up on the second tunnel and the post are cemented in the ground for the third tunnel.  It is exciting to see them going up. Here are Mike, Matt and our part time helper James after completing the arch raising on Wednesday.

We have talked with our customers about the produce they want for the fall and winter.  We are going to have all three tunnels in production and one of the fields.  We have many of the plants already seeded.  Hopefully we will substantial increase the weekly production!